Tuesday Updates
                                                                          Each week our Loan Managers provides a weekly status update to

                                                                          our clients and all involved in the transaction. Keeping everyone on the same page

                                                                          each week  until closing. Additional updates are provided at other times during

                                                                          the process however we like to make sure all the bases are covered on a

                                                                          regular weekly expectation.

Pre-Closing Package
One of the lending industries most common complaints is that clients are not prepared for closing.  Knowing this, we have all of our clients documents they will see at closing emailed to them 48 hours in advance of the closing date to insure for a smooth close.

Moving Administration
As part of our extended service for clients purchasing we also include administrative assistance for our clients by setting up lawn care, utilities, water, disposal service, audio/ video needs and more.  For client relocating to the Charlotte area from another city be sure to ask about our special savings for car rental, dinner and hotel needs.

Trailing- Spouse Employment Assistance
Due to many of our Business Partner relationships and our on going effort to maximize our Human Resource relationships with employers of existing clients we have many ways to promote your resume to our partners, please let us know if we can be of assistance in this area. 

Enhanced Interest Rate Tracking
With over 18 years of experience and 10,000 closings we have invested in extensive interest rate movements and mortgage backed securities.  Clients and Partners can receive market updates and alerts by following us on Facebook.

Annual Review
As a part of on going service we check in with our clients each year to review details to make sure goals are met.  We review mortgage balances, bi-weekly payments being applied correctly, payoff goals, PMI (private mortgage insurance) removal, equity line needs, tax filing advantages and more regardless of your current servicer.

Premier Partners
We also provide exclusive introductions to our panel of premier partners for real estate, financial planning, tax filing, CPA, law offices and insurances.